Meet Janine

Get to know a bit about Janine and learn more about her specialties and the different offerings you can avail to feel great!

I’m Janine born in the Town of Taytay, Rizal in the year 2000. I started learning first about Hilot Wellness in the year 2016-2017 when I was in High School. And in the year 2022 I started studying Massage Therapy accredited by TESDA with the help of my dear TESDA Trainer Ma’am Loreta at her Training Center. I learned about Massage Therapy and continue to study to learn more and new techniques.

Especially in the way of what is the right strokes for common pain, first aid, healing and relieving body pains. Properly caring for the workplace and also for the clients. The Dos and Don’ts before and after the massage session.

I am good at Swedish Massage and Reflexology. I also know how to perform Therapeutic Massage Therapy, Ear Candling Therapy, Ventosa Cupping etc. In addition, I also know how to make a plan for the pain you feel and what proper therapy to use so that you feel well and comfortable after our massage session.

Total Body Rejuvenation

My Unique Style

I will conduct an assessment first and find out your issues. We can then customize your massage plan to address all of your needs. The goal will be to address any physical issues you have, remove your stress, treat pain, and ensure you leave my studio feeling amazing!

Shiatsu Body Massage

Eliminates swelling and soreness of the muscles

Foot Relaxation

Eliminates fatigue and restlessness for a good night's sleep

Thai Massage

Stretching massage improves flexibility and removes muscle tightness


Hot Stone

The heat of the volcanic basalt stones extract cold from the body

Ventosa Massage

Cupping Therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine to extract cold


My Certificates

NC2 Certificate TESDA Certificate